A must read for all mums to be !!! http://www.cuidiu-ict.ie/fulcrum.html?ep=13 This Guide provides information about the Maternity Services in the Republic of Ireland. Late in 2006 Cuidiu sent an email questionnaire to all 22 hospital units and 2 Midwifery Led Units seeking details of practices and policies. We did not set out to find a best maternity unit/service. That depends so much on an individual woman’s wishes. A comprehensive document on each unit plus a summary of their 2005 birth statistics is provided as the main element of this guide (see the hospital information page). In addition we have included comparison tables to highlight areas where there is variation in practice between units nationwide. We asked each hospital/unit to provide information on the following areas: o GENERAL INFORMATION o ANTENATAL CARE o ANTENATAL EDUCATION o CARE DURING LABOUR o SPECIAL CARE UNIT o POSTNATAL WARD o POSTNATAL PERIOD o SPECIAL NEEDS/UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES o DEVELOPMENTS AND SERVICES All information in this Guide was supplied by the Maternity Service providers. They were also given an opportunity to correct any factual errors prior to publishing. Cuidiú - ICT is not responsible for the accuracy of such information or for alteration in policies or practices.