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Venus Bride Posts: 456
Hey Girls Just wondering if any of you know, as regards Bikini area !! Is a tight bikini wax acceptable in CUMH for delivering the baby or will they still try to shave off all the rest of the hair with their evil plastic razors ???? Dont fancy the idea of them coming at me with a razor. Thx
Cinzia Posts: 737
Venus Bride, at our ante-natal class a few weeks back, which was run by a CUMH midwife, she mentioned that if you knew you were going to have a c-section that, if possible, you should get a Brazilian, otherwise they would have to shave some of it!! That was enough for me - off to get my Brazilian in the next few weeks, whether I need a c-section or not! My worry is that I won't be able to get up on the bed in the salon though! :o0
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I just had a regular bikini wax and 'mowed the lawn' two days before I went into labour (perfect timing!) and they didn't shave me as everything was trim and tidy.
freedom Posts: 126
I knew I was having a c-section so went to my beautician and got a regular bikini wax, which is really just along the side. I told her I was going in for a section so she said she would wax down from the top a little so that they wouldn't have to shave there as apparently they use a cheap razor and when the stubble grows back it can be quite sore. She went down a good bit and they cut just along the top for the section.