CUMH Moms, do we get to keep our red folder?

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Elly Baby Posts: 37
Hi girls, I was just having a look through my red folder and I was thinking I'll hate if they dont leave me keep it! Think it would be nice to look back on it in a few years and show baby the notes etc from when I was pregnant! Thanks E x
sunshine. Posts: 1387
not after you deliver your baby so get photocopying
jess_gal2009 Posts: 1061
Nope, they take it and file it away as far as i know. So remember to take out and keep any scan pics that you may keep on the inside cover. (Friend of mine forgot to take hers out and the poor midwife had to go searching through the archives to find her folder!)
Elly Baby Posts: 37
Thanks girls, better photocopy what I can so! I really wanted the delivery notes etc, afraid in case all that stuff will be a blank to me in years to come!!
WeGoShopping Posts: 47
You can request a copy of your notes afterwards under the Freedom of Information Act if you need to.
Elly Baby Posts: 37
Thanks WGS, good to know