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married08 Posts: 226
My sister had a baby ony 12 weeks ago, in the CUMH so she had told me that once my gp sent my bloods and letter off to the CUMH I should get a letter back from CUMH and then I ring to make an appointment for my first scan. I received an envelope yesterday which had an appointment scheduled for end of April and then anther appointment middle of June. Is the end of April appointment my pre booking appointment where I get my due date? There is an antenatal clinic booklet which has confused me even more I'm so confused, my mums thinks my doctor might have told the CUMH I was going private and tht's why they've allocated an Obstetrician to me and an appointment. HELP!!
SuzyC Posts: 335
I'm going public in Galway, my doc sent of my paper work and within the week I got a letter with my consultants name and my first appointment including scan appointment on it. I didnt have to make any appointments or phone calls myself. A phone call to the appointments department should clear it up.
neeov Posts: 4256
if you were going private the letter would have come from the private clinic, not CUMH. Your appointment would be in the private clinic, not the hospital. Ring them up and ask whats going on. Your first appointment is probably the booking appointment. I think they do a mini scan then (for dates), but not at the later visits. But ring and ask! The doctor might do the scan, you may not need a separate appointment for the scan.
married08 Posts: 226
Thanks for the replies girls. I just got a bit confused, you know when you are expecting one thing and then something different arrives. Is it correct to be allocated an obstretician and not a gyne (i know there work is similar)?
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
If you go private you choose the consultant and usually ring them yourself directly so I'd say you're ok.
neeov Posts: 4256
Most are ob/gyn Obstetricians work on pregnancy and delivery. Gyne works on other female problems.
phananta Posts: 330
I got the same letter (public in CUMH too) Haven't had the appointments yet, but from what I can gather I have a scan then an appointment with obs straight after on the first appointment day this month. Think the next one is in May and that's just appt and no scan. I'll be 12 weeks at first appt so think it's dating scan.
married08 Posts: 226
Phananta i got three appointment letters, the first one for end of april which I am persuming is my dating scan and 2nd appointment for mid June and the an appointment for October for Breast Feeding Clinic. So the end of april will be my first appointment, i need to bring blood results and referral letter from doctor?? (Oh and it says bring scan, but I won't have the scan done till that day)
ellee Posts: 666
Hey phantana, I'm public in CUMH and I got two letters at the start from the CUMH with appts. My doctor wrote to them directly to refer. If you were to ring he would have given the referral letter to you. The first appt is the big one - meeting midwife who takes a full history, a nurse who takes your bloods and then a big "dating" scan - be sure and bring partner because these are few and far between unless there are problems! Second appt is consultant's appt and you'll prob meet one of her team but sometimes you meet the consultant. I have been to several of these and they have small scanning machines in the rooms and scan you each time. Much smaller than the big scan upstairs but nice all the same. Again, you meet a midwife each time who checks your blood pressure and urine - there are tubs at the reception desk you can take when you get there. First appt took all morning. Other appts so far have taken less than an hour. There were some issue on my first scan that's why I've been back so often. I think they usually send you back to your gp at some pt but that hasn't happened for me yet. I didn't have to bring anything with me other than the documents in the letters. hth! :wv
married08 Posts: 226
Ellee - can i just ask you to clarify a few things for me please, My appointment letters say to bring referral letter from GP and blood test results. It was my doctor and referred me and she took bloods and sent them off, do I still need to bring referral letter and blood results? will the hospital do blood tests eventhough my doc did them at 4wks 4 days?