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Amberangel Posts: 488
FOr those of you going to CUMH or have had a baby there- What is the admission procedure? What if I go early... I dont even know what number I should ring... Do they provide a hospital list - ie what to bring etc.? Should I make myself familiar with interior of hospital before big day? Sorry if my questions seem silly but I am a private patient, o I have not been to the hospital at all, offices located outside CUMH building. I will ask the midwife on Thursday at my next appt but any help you can give would be appreciated too... Reality hit big time tonight, and I just realised I should have probably asked these questions ages ago.....:-8
neeov Posts: 4256
Did you get the magazine from CUMH? I got it at my first appointment. There is some (limited) information at the front. They do have the phone number though. I am having my antenatal class next Saturday and I am hoping to hear a bit more then. Until then I am fairly clueless.
wombats Posts: 665
Amber Angel, don't panic!! They'll look after you well there. [i:19og2d02]What is the admission procedure?[/i:19og2d02] Just arrive to the hospital and go to the main reception, if you drive in to underground carpark, then the lift will bring you to the main area of the hospital. [i:19og2d02]What if I go early...[/i:19og2d02] Doesn't matter if you go early, you'll still be admitted and checked out in the emergency room first and then kept if you're in labour. [i:19og2d02] I dont even know what number I should ring... [/i:19og2d02] Can't rem the number, but ask your midwife about that. [i:19og2d02]Do they provide a hospital list - ie what to bring etc.?[/i:19og2d02] They do have a list somewhere but if you look at the stickies at the top of the forum, they have better lists there. [i:19og2d02]Should I make myself familiar with interior of hospital before big day? [/i:19og2d02] You'll see enough of the hospital when you're there :-8 I wouldn't bother making yourself familiar! And of of'll all be over before you know it.
kala Posts: 1937
i had ds there last july. basically if you think you are in labour ring the emergency room in cumh to tell them whats going on and they'll tell you from talking to you over the phone if you are in labour and let you know if you should come in or not to get checked. on your arrival to the emergency room you check in, then you get assesed to see if you are in labour and if you are they will keep you and if not send you home. very straight forward up there. i had a brilliant experience and i went public. when i went into labour i was between 2 minds about staying in as i was only 1 cm dilated at 1am in the morning. was seriously going to go home as they told hubby it could be hours yet that he was better off going home (we only live 20-25 mins away) they asked the doctor what i should do and the doctor said to admit me. luckily i did stay as 20 mins after hubby going home and me getting a bed in a ward my waters broke with a big gush so they asked me did i want to go to he labour ward which i did as i was having bad contractions and needed the gas & air etc. luckily i got a bed down there as i would have had to stay put if not. they do monitorr you etc up in the ward if no bed down in the labour ward etc. pm if you want more details. i'd love to answer all your questions
Amberangel Posts: 488
Girls Thanks so much for all the advise..... you have all put my mind at ease! Only 6-7 weeks to go now... can;t believe it is all so close but am looking forward to it all the same. Kala I might take you up on your offer over the next few days... bound to have a few qns about things.! :wv