CUMH scans done on different day to clinic appointment?

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tubs Posts: 61
When I finally got through to the hospital, i wanted to make a clinic appointment,( the phone always rings out O:|) Anyway she said they not giving out any appointments and put my name on list, she said ring in 3 weeks time if i didnt hear anything.. Anyway a week later i was sent a letter with an appointment but i am going on a course that day so had to cancel. When I rang she said its only a scan appointment not a clinic one, do they always do them separtely?? It has all changed since nearly 6 years ago when I was having my DS.
cbtb Posts: 413
Tubs, thats normal in CUMH you have a scan at 12 weeks and your next appt will be the gynae at 20ish weeks. The gynae may or may not scan it depends who you get.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
yea as cbtb said, alls changed...scan in or around wk 12 and then clinic appt may not be for another 10wks after that...they are shocking busy.. i was scanned on every single appt at the clinic except my last appt, on thursday and thats cause i couldn't get up on the bed :o0
tubs Posts: 61
tanx girls had the scan monday, was waiting an hour, shocking that some women were standing waiting cos theres not enough seats there. So must ring now to get clinic appointment next, thanks again :wv