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Septmom2010 Posts: 167
I would love to hear from ladies who in particular have gone private AND public with their pregnancies in the CUMH. I’d love to hear all your stories to be honest but particularly those who have had experience of both services. If ladies who have went private can share their feedback on the private care they provided, who they chose to go with and why the info would be invaluable to me. My story is a long one but I will keep it as short as poss!! My DS is 10 months old and am hoping to get pregnant again sometime next year (Took a while to conceive so that’s easier said than done!). I went public but due to a genetic disorder in the family and me being a confirmed carrier, my baby received an anomaly scan and approx 10 others throughout the life of the pregnancy. I did have long wait time to see the public team but I didn’t mind that. I was induced at 5 days over (very high BP) and endured a horrific 3 day labour resulting in a C-Section. During the labour they tested baby for reduced levels of oxygen through his head and it was all a bit of a panic. There was a big team of docs on hnd but I feel they left me push for two long and I was just too tired after 3 days of labour and in hindsight think my baby is very lucky he didn’t suffer the effects today. Due to our genetic history there was a sizable chance of me carrying a child with abnormalities anyway (Refused amniosnthesis). I was assured by friends that went public that the care was second to none and while I realise my expierence could happen to anyone I often think would I have been left as long if I was receiving private care. Would they have called the C-section earlier therefore reducing risk to my baby? I don’t know and I thank God and the medical team that today hes perfect but by God I won’t be going down that road again. If I need to go private to ensure I receive the best care, I will bed steal or borrow to do so. Can I just add that the nurses were lovely both in wards and Neo natal  So in your experience how is private care better than public and how much did ye pay at the CUMH? I am not worried what happens in terms of wait times for all my appointments, what matters to me is what happens come D-day. I have been adamant I will never go through natural labour again and while I don’t particular want a C-section I am so mentally scarred from first delivery that I will be insisting on it again. I wish I had the courage to go into second pregnancy with an open mind to delivery. I know you can’t be induced second time round and can only deliver baby naturally if labour is natural.(Due to the fact that my first delivery was a C-section) Maybe if I had gone naturally I would have had a different experience. Maybe induction wasn’t for me, my baby wasn’ ready. I don’t know. I’d love to hear your CUMH experiences. I look forward to hearing from all the ladies out there 
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I had section as public patient at CUMH and their standard practice is to offer a scheduled section if you have already had one so you won't have to go through labour again pet if you don't want to. Hope that helps. :action32
hannah h Posts: 546
Interested in this also :wv
Septmom2010 Posts: 167
Anyone else??