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mtv Posts: 935
hi quick question for anyone who knows the cumh system. my first apt/booking appointment is for 10am. sorry have to edit this i need to clarify my question from yesterday. do a number of patients get an appointment for the exact same time with these people being dealt with on a first come, first serve basis?
kala Posts: 1937
mtv- dunno how far gone you are but if you are around the 20 week mark, be prepared for a looooong wait. its crazy up there. i'd say arrive up bout 9.30am so its not all hours before u get out. the earlier your appt the earlier u'll get out.
tras Posts: 1460
I think they've speeded things up since my last preg, most I've been waiting is about 2 hours, mostly only an hour and a half, last time it was always 3.
blondiee Posts: 771
My first appoint I had no waiting time but I'm prepared for up to 2 hrs for my next one according to some friends of mine who have recently had babies!
ProudMummy Posts: 127
I've always been in and out very fast I have to say, I usually arrive that bit earlier anyway (15-20mins), but I cant complain at all so far... *)
Baby on board Posts: 136
All my appointments were about 2 hours but all our appointments were around 8am - 8.30 the longest wait was for my 20 week check and we were there for 5 hours O:|
katied Posts: 132
Well my appointments are on a thursday and the average wait time is 2.5 hours. What I normally do is go to midwife first then go off for a cup of tea for at least half an hour (it beats sitting in the same chair for a long time)
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
The longest I've had to wait is 2.5 hours.
mtv Posts: 935
hi thanks for the replies girls i have edited the question above. it will be my first appointment in cumh. dh wants us there an hour early so we can get out early.