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franticb2b Posts: 162
Hi, has anyone bought individual cupcake boxes? I'm having a cupcake wedding cake and want guests to be able to bring them home if they don't want them at the time. anybody any recommendations? thanks
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I think [url=]ebay[/url:1pt2iz95] is your friend for this one... [img:1pt2iz95][/img:1pt2iz95] [img:1pt2iz95][/img:1pt2iz95] [img:1pt2iz95][/img:1pt2iz95] [img:1pt2iz95][/img:1pt2iz95] [img:1pt2iz95][/img:1pt2iz95] [img:1pt2iz95][/img:1pt2iz95]
franticb2b Posts: 162
great thanks, will check it out!
Kaycee Posts: 2107
+1 favour store, got xmas ones last year for cupcake gifts and everyone loved them :0