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Happyout123 Posts: 299
Have a questions about cupcakes for people who probably have a lot more experience then me (never made them before). Is it possible to make cupcakes a few days in advance, freeze them, then take them out of the freezer and do the frosting? So say if i had party on a Saturday, could i make them all on the Monday, stick them in the freezer, take them out on the Friday night before the party (could i just leave them on the bench or would i put them in the fridge to defrost?) and do all the frosting on the Saturday morning? Can anyone recommend a place in Limerick city good to pick up bits & pieces for baking..icing bags, colours, gels, edible glitter..etc Does anyone have a foolproof recipe for a plain cupcake?
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
Yes you could freeze them and thaw them later, they only take an hour or two to thaw.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Cupcakes freeze very well. If your party is on Saturday, personally I wouldn't take them out of the freezer until Saturday morning or even afternoon - cupcakes are small so they will defrost pretty quickly. I'd say you could even frost them while still frozen as they will be easier to handle. They'll have defrosted in good time for your party and the frosting will stay firm because of the cold. I did this with DS's birthday cake this year - I made the sponge in advance, cut it into the required shapes (it was a sailboat!), froze the pieces then decorated and assembled the cake the day of the party.
Happyout123 Posts: 299
Oh Perfect, thanks a mil! Ye are brill. Will take a look at that website x
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Just saw your query about a recipe. This is Nigella's, she's usually pretty reliable: I always do a dry run in advance if it's for a party - cake never goes to waste!
Happyout123 Posts: 299
Brilliant! Yep definately will be doing a practice batch..OH will eat anything so they wont go to waste :)