Cure for colic

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NowMrsM Posts: 67
Hi lades, Really need your help!! Does anyone know of someone in Cork county or surrounding counties (or any county!) that has the "cure" for colic??
funnymummy Posts: 329
unfortunatley i dont know anyone who has a cure but i totally sympatise with you,our ds was colic from bout 3 wks to 16 wks and it was the hardest few wks myself and dh ever put in.its the one thing im hoping we dont get this time,im not even giving the labour any thoughts but the evening crying is still very fresh in our presuming youve tried all the dr brown btls,infacol,gripe water etc...what age is your lo?
Wife09 Posts: 873
I tried everything in the books, pharmacys, changed bottles, tried every formula lactose free ones and pharmacy etc at 4months she was still only taking about 10-16oz a day. The weekend of her christening I bought all premade cartons on Aptamil and I felt she drank them better so I did a week with her on only premades no powder formula or other remedies and she doubled her intake of milk was guzzling 30-32oz of milk by the second week. Give it a try for a week if you havent tried it already.