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kazza Posts: 156
I have a bob,which I've been straightening for a few years,on and off.For my wedding day,I'd like to have my natural curls back and I'm growing it an inch or so.My problem is that the straighteners seem to have got rid of my normal bouncy curls and I'm left with wavey hair with less body. Should I get some kind of perm to give it some life?Has anyone else had this problem?Can you recommend a good stylist or particular type of hair treatment which could sort it out,please?Thanks.
B2BApril05 Posts: 167
I have dead straight hair and for something different I'm going for curls on the dya. The hairdresser is putting them in on the morning of the wedding using a curling iron.... Maybe this is an option for you too... have you booked your hairdresser yet? If so pop in and ask but you shouldn't need to get a perm
SpringBride Posts: 406
Kazza my hair is the same, now I have a wave and a kink as opposed to the curl, but the hairdresser using Angel Curlers, (get them in Argos) its a curling tongs for kids hair but really good have a word anyone can use them Ive tried it and loved the effect
kazza Posts: 156
Thanks for those tips,I'll look into those ideas.I haven't had a hair trial yet,I was waiting till I'd grown it a bit more.I was looking at some old photos and got nostalgic about curly hair.