Custom Made Wedding Dress???

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cailindeas Posts: 9
I may sound completely deluded in thinking I can have this but the traditional wedding dresses really don't appeal to me and my heart sinks every time I try to muster up any enthusiasm by looking at mags etc. What I really want to find is someone that I can go to who will assess me and say "what you should wear is this...." (Irish version of Trinny & Susanna???) but based on what suits me and not what dresses they have in their shop. I'm getting married in Italy in August so it's going to be hot hot hot - another reason not to have layers/frills/swathes of material. Any contacts much appreciated, preferably someone with an actual premises rather than their front room.
bridesrus Posts: 917
If you want to come and visit us u are more than welcome - we will try our best to advise you and we are honest with you - if something doesen't suit you we will soon tell you :lol: -but in a nice way :o