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pupsalove Posts: 1490
Dear All Have posted this on Fashion & Beauty already but just to let you all know. Ah yes just cos we were able to get a few bob off the exhorbitant price of cosmetics, the customs are now on the lookout for us! Recently bought some stuff on and received a note from Customs looking for the customs duty I owe them on the goods plus VAT at 21%, plus 5 euro postal fee! :twisted: So politicans can cheat the country of millions in unpaid taxes and get away with it, but god forbid that we think we could save a few euro on makeup! Oh no big brother is watching you. :twisted: :twisted: And yes before anyone leaps on me, I know they are only doing their job. May not happen to every order (no VAT if you keep it under 22 Euro), but it happened to mine. So be warned!
Alias Posts: 214
If you contact strawberrynet, they'll refund you the customs. Girl at work got it back from them no problem.