Hi girls, I'm just wondering if I will have to pay customs duties on my engagement ring?? I've sent it back to Mexico for repair and return. When my ring was being sent back I was advised to send it via FedEx and mark on it repair and return, in order for them not to b caught with any duties. Now it's taken them 2 full months to return to me, after many irate emails and phone calls threatening them with police, lawyers etc in order for them to respond to me, the ring has landed in Dublin 1 week later than promised and is stuck in customs now?? They've declared the full value of the ring, also they have not stated repaired and return?? DHL are unsure what amount I will owe customs, but I've read somewhere that it can be up to 25%??? Just to state my ring was bought in a jewellers in a 5star hotel in cancun, so i presumed that they would be legitimate and fully qualified to sell my engagement ring. This is the 3rd time it's been replaced... So I've sent them yet another very irate email demanding a refund of this error occurs for a 4th time