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podgeandrodge Posts: 886
how much customs did ye pay to get dresses from the us im ordering my bm dresses on saturday and im just interested to see what they charge. thanks in advance
milis Posts: 7998
[b:12j1t5ps]If[/b:12j1t5ps] they catch it it's 21%. An post have a wee charge they give you too...
rathkenny Posts: 936
I think it's actually 33% (21% VAT plus 12% duty). That's what I've had to pay on anything that's been caught by customs. :wv
princess08 Posts: 113
I had to pay 78e to an pOst on dresses that were $220 each (were €550 each here!)
podgeandrodge Posts: 886
thanks girls hopefully i wnt have to pay too much
Cork Oct 08 Posts: 749
I didn't have to pay anything. I bought 2 dresses and including shipping I paid €240. The dresses arrived to my work address over xmas and we were closed, so the postman kept them for me and gae them to me my first day back and i wasn't charged anything. Maybe it's if it's over a certain value.
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
I paid €187 customs for my dress but u was later told i should have sent it to my work address then i wouldnt have to pay it. dont know how true that is though