Customs Tax on 4 packs sample invites, Is this way too much?

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mkb Posts: 1744
Ok firstly this should probably go in Let off Steam but there is more people here. so I hope you don't mind listening to my rant. I ordered 4 sample packs of invites from a company in the US. 2 @10.50 each were pocket fold invites invites, that included 2 envelopes. 3 inserts of various heights to create a tiered look and backing card for the inside of the invite, and then i got 2 Printer test kits, includes same as above but a good few extra sheets of everything and these were $15.00 each. so in total i spent €51.00 on them. which is just under €35.00 this was fine i was happy out. Customs charged me €31.37 for them. :eek :eek :eek >:o( Now I have no problem paying customs tax when i buy items. But this is day light robbery. They flippin way no more than a small note pad and probably wouldn't even cost the amount i paid for them here but the over all cost if I bought all my invites from this company would be next to nothing so thats why i bought the samples. but now im worried If I order all of them Im going to be hit with a bill for well over a hundred euros . Im i wrong or this seem like a gastrnomical amount for the amount I paid.
cardsbykaren Posts: 119
jezebelle, That sounds like an awful lot, I don't know what the rate is, it varies depending on the goods, but it still sounds way too much. Did a courier deliver or An Post as some times the couriers can charge from €5-€20 handleing charge for collecting the duty O:|
sunny505 Posts: 1807
OMG, unless you have a HUGE overall budget I think this is crazy. I'm sorry but if it is not your mum and FMIL, my experience is most people put the date on the calendar and chuck the invite in the bin. Of course you want them to look nice when people get them. But could you not use the money better on the wedding day itself? Like I said, I don't know your circumstances and perhaps you have a very large budget - in which case if you love the invites, go ahead.
fish12 Posts: 389
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
I really don't think thats right. First off i think good under the value of 150 euro doesn't get customs charged on it! Also I think the top amount is 30% of customs that will pay.
trice0208 Posts: 600
you should check the customs website see what it says rates are. i think it can just depend on who checks your parcel i ordered a bm and fg dress from states and didnt get charged any customs.
mkb Posts: 1744
Girls im really annoyed now. CBKaren I used UPS, very stupidly i now realise, I rang customs yesterday. I was told that they can not place a value on paper items as it could be document etc which has no value so there is no charge on these unless a value has been declared. She told me to get straight on to UPS as they were obviously ripping me off. I rang UPS and was patched throught to one of there call centre, the person I spoke to had very broken english, So the conversations was short and angry. He told me that I was charged because custom of tax on invites. he retracted this statement when I told him that I rang custom and they said there is no charge for paper good. He then proceeded to tell me that I was charged this because the samples were given a declared value of $150 by the card company on posting them. BIG FAT LIE. I checked my bill from UPS and the card company and the only declared amount on it, was my charge for the samples €51.00 and my charge from UPS €37.25 I went crazy at him ,and it got me nowhere O:| O:| , and then asked them even if i was being charged custom tax how on earth did it amount to €31.oo, he told me they charge a 16.40 handling fee, which they then proceed to charge VAT on. ohhhhh i am livid. My sisters OH works in revenue so he is looking into it for me this morning and then if Im right and I shouldn't have been charged for it one of the solicitors in my job is going to write me a very strong winded letter to UPS for wripping me off. errrr Im so annoyed over this. I hate being wripped off. especially when Iv already paid the fe ckers for deliverey. GIRLS NEVER EVER EVER USE UPS. errrrrrr O:| O:| O:|
Mulberry Posts: 187
Thats shocking :eek I hope you get it sorted out soon.
too soft Posts: 518
Thats mad money jezebelle for samples, maybe write a letter of complaint to ups as well. Can i ask was it the u got them from,i think i seen a recent post of you recommending them,i had a look at the website and seen invites i love myself and was going to order but am wary now as for the customs prices,can you use a different courier company,and not hijacking but how were the samples would you recomend the company??
Kermette Posts: 924
WHAT!!!! Customs is normally and at most a third of the total value. I ordered my invites from Cardsandpockets, think it cost maybe €200 ish and customs was under €50 think it was something like €47 but I can't remember entirely even tho it was only a month ago :duh: