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macattack Posts: 1617
Hey wollies -I need help. Due to budget restrictions we need to cut back on a few things >:o( The problem is I don't know what to cut. I don't want to have any regrets. So what do you think? Do I cut - My dream venue & dream dress (and go for less expensive alternatives) OR do I cut- The band, chair covers, favours, cars. Which would I miss the most? Thanks in advance. O-O
jessie10 Posts: 204
hi macattack, I'm so sorry to hear that you've to cut back but it can be done and you will still have your dream day.. personally I think a band is nb on the day they can really liven things up.. but the rest such as favours, chair covers, flowers in church can all be cut back, nobody will miss them.. also make sure you have a good luck around the shops for your dress as there are some really good sales on at the moment and you can still have your dream dress for half the price.. Make sure you haggle haggle haggle with your venue as now is a time when you can try usually with positive results.. PS: ask a friend with a decent car if they can bring you instead of paying €400 plus for a car.. HTH & Good luck
Layla20 Posts: 1089
Personally I would cut favours, chair covers, flowers and cars first. I think you should spend most on food and entertainment be that a band or dj. I also don't think you should cut back on the photographer as the photos will all that you will have after the day. Maybe consider a cd only package from a photographer? You can find dresses at alot of different price ranges so shop around and haggle with everyone from hotel to flowers!
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
ah sorry to hear that hun. Personally if it were me id cut back on favours, chair covers and min flowers in the church. Also have no mass booklets. After all your only in the chapel for 1hr and a half.. Also have a look at the guest list, maybe jst have close friends and family at mass and meal and everyone else to an evening reception that would save you loads.. For your cake try M&S (sometime do a 3 for 2 on them) or even Tesco have some lovely iced ones coming up to Xmas.. BM dresses try high street shops in the sales. Also EBAY is great and remember HAGGLE with everything..
BrideinArmagh Posts: 102
There is defo money to be saved on flowers. I ordered artificial ones, they've yet to come but went to visit lady & see samples" in the flesh" and they looked gorgeous.... the whole package for all bouquets and buttonholes was less then 200euros. Now only have to pick up 2 mother bouquets and i've the lot! I was quoted around 500/600plus by other florists for real ones & these look just as nice and i'll have them as a momento after ...... PM me if you want any details! HTH :)
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
defo cut back on chair covers, flowers, car, and band. i had no band and it was a great night!! we had a dj and it was E500 for 4&half hours. you can get really cheap fake flowers online and they look jsut as good!! and you can keep them forever!! and honestly, the first time i noticed the flowers in the church was looking back at pics!! i didnt even see them on the day!! i dont think ppl miss things that are not there!! they might think about it afterwards but doesnt effect THEIR day!! what will effect YOUR day is if you are not in the dress you want, in the venue you want!! favours are not necessary, its originally a token to say thanks for coming! alot of ppl get those loveheart sweets and get them personalised, what you could do is get lots of the smarties multipack and get favour bags on ebay, i got 100 gorgeous favour bags for £7!! get them in your wedding colour and pop the mini fun size smarties in!! just a thought! OR leave out favours altogether!! no-one will notice!! My dad got a mate of his to drive my dads car and we used that!! got spray of flowers for the back window and some cheap flower ribbon £4 on ebay!! advice is to do research on things that you think will make a difference and get the best price!
Akashla Posts: 237
Do try to haggle with your venue (free corkage, free chaircovers), and perhaps look to see if you can get your dream dress second hand - no-one needs to know! We're going with a dj instead of a band, that saved us almost 1000 euros. You can buy really cheap favours too, or cut them out all together - most people will never notice. For the cars, I agree with the posters above - get a mate with a fancy motor to do it, and never look back. Or if you really, really must have a swanky wedding car, consider just having one to take all your bridesmaids and you and whoever is giving you away, then have him drive once around the block after dropping off the bridesmaids :)
Emmaleen Posts: 71
Have you tried [url:3firszpj][/url:3firszpj], they claim to be a wedding broker who works free of charge (they ask for a small donation to the ISPCA if they save you money) to help you have the wedding you want without the cut backs, I met them at a wedding fair recently and they seemed interesting, thinking of using them myself. Other things to consider is having a midweek wedding, we are getting married on a Thursday because our dream venue was fully booked but we are also saving money by doing so - expect 10% off the venue and haggle with all your other suppliers. Also with your venue have a good hard look at what is included in your package and what you can do without e.g. gym memberships, champagne toasts etc, also look at what options you are having for your meal - often you can mix and match between different price menus to bring the price down i.e. cheaper starter and desert but expensive main course. Really try and cut back anything you really don’t need. Also get as much stuff as possible online - there seems to be great value in bridesmaids dresses on dresslicious - u will see loads of posts on here about. On that note how big is your bridal party? Its lovely to have your closest friends and family in the bridal party but when you add up the cost of the dress, shoes, make up, hair, flowers, accommodation and gift for the bridesmaid and suit hire, flowers, accommodation and gift for the accompanying grooms man you could be looking at €1,000 per bridesmaid & groomsman couple. - That’s a lot of money and potentially a lot of savings! In relation to favours I have been at loads of weddings this summer and none of them had any favours and nobody missed them either so don’t waste your money on these, for your flowers you could grow your own if you have enough time and space and tie them like the simple hand ties bouquets, alternatively you may have some family members with nice gardens and handing flower arranging skills - ask around and you never know what might happen. Also a friend of mine got married recently and bought her bouquets from a florist but bought more flowers from Aldi to decorate the church with - just another idea. Hope some of these suggestions help - best of luck!
teapotty Posts: 2085
Cut your bridal party to 1 bm and 1 gm if possible. Stuff most people barely notice: flowers, favours, cars, table decorations, chair covers, mass booklets, invitations- cut or cut down on all this stuf. You mention giving up on your dream dress- have you picked out one or is it just that you feel you need to spend a lot to have a fab dress? I saw the lovliest white chiffon dress in a little boutique the other day and it was just €170- it was gorgeous. Try to think outside of the usual bridal shops. Ebay for small stuff like unity candles, veil, jewellery. Go back to your venue and tell them your circumstances have changed and that you are very close to cancelling but won't if you can find ways to cut down- they may be able to do something for you on price.
fuzzy123 Posts: 473
We are getting lots of freebies through family and friends : I'll give you a list Music in church: FAMILY Singer : friend, Photographer: H2bs uncle Cars: Freinds its a big funky jeep I dont see the point in spending money on a car My budget for flowers in €300 I'm having no favours as I think they're pointless and end up in the bin. I found my dream dress for €2000 here totallty over my budget but am totally in love with it so ordered it from aMerica for half the price. Go for your dream dress and cut back on other stuff that people wont notice.