Cyclogest rectally?

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itwillbeme Posts: 838
Hi girls, just wondering if you can help... ive really bad thrush at the moment and am hearing conflicting stories about using Canesten pessary (just got a BFP so very cautious)- im taking cranberry juice and am putting pro-biotic yoghurt on a pad, its easing up a little - im also taking cyclogest and the pharmicist suggested taking it rectally :ooh ... not too sure about this, has anyone done this? :thnk
Brideyz Posts: 380
Grasshopper, congratulations!!! I really hope it's a sticky for you!!!! I don't have any experience using cyclogest rectally but I was googling it a good bit when I started it as it's very leaky vaginallly (sorry TMI) and a lot of people do use it that way as it doesn't leak so much!! Congrats again, I'm thrilled for you!!
itwillbeme Posts: 838
Thanks brideyz, cant get too excited yet - but hopefully it will be a sticky. Great to see your ticker :lvs - your're flying along :xxx
honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
Hi grasshopper huge congrats. I had to use it rectally and like most of the things we had to do to get a sticky bfp I got used to it and it leaks so much less.
D Momma Posts: 1101
Hi grasshopper, I used to use it vaguinally and had bad discharge and now use it rectally and its fine you will find yourself a little gassy/ windy but its not so bad. Congrats on the bfp and good luck