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hannah h Posts: 546
Hi All, Quick question I had a miscarraige a few years ago and this time round I have taken a progestorone support (cyclogest). I am 8 ish weeks now and my prescription is running out in the next day or two. Just wondering how long you all took it for? Thanks in advance x
Little Boss Posts: 131
Congrats on BFP. I was on cyclogest morning and night up to 12 and half wks [approx.]. I went down to using it just at night for a wk before coming off it altogether. I was getting my blood tested every wk to monitor my progesterone and oestrodiol levels so my specialist was happy with the levels my body was showing and they were happy with how my levels responded when I was stepped down to only 1 dose per day. I'm now 26wks and-thank God, all seems to be going well. :lvs HTH and best of luck....I know it's a nerve-wrecking time tho'
babyluck Posts: 764
I was. On 200mg at night for 12weeks. This duration is the norm. Call doc in morning to check. And sometimes the pharmacy needs to order it in. So don't delay
CherylC Posts: 1071
I was told till 12-14 weeks so would be worth checking with the doc.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I was on it twice a day until 12 weeks and stopped completely at that stage. I was worried about quitting cold turkey but the clinic assured me that there is no need to worry and that really there is only proof to show that it’s worth while taking up to around 9/10 weeks and after that the placenta should be up and running. They leave you on it for 2 extra weeks as a sort of cushion . I also asked my consultant in the Rotunda before I stopped and he said that at that stage in a pregnancy the body is producing more progesterone than it knows what to do with and that extra support is not necessary. This put my mind at ease. Am off it completely now for 3 weeks and not a bother on me! Some clinics don’t believe in taking it after a couple of weeks, some till 8, some till 12. It all seems very random but if it makes you feel better to stay on it then give the doctor a call and ask for some more.
Marpat Posts: 1784
I was on 400mg twice a day up to 13 weeks and then dropped to one a day for a week and then finished! Good luck!
Scruffy Bear Posts: 31
I hope this isn't a silly question but when do you start taking the cyclogest? On my last pregnancy i look it from 8 weeks to 12 weeks and have been told that next time i will be taking it throughout the whole pregnancy as i had a second trimester loss. Should i take it from the day i get my BFP or on the 2ww? I probably should have asked this at the hospital....
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Scruffy I took it from the start of the 2WW :xxx