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Quinn2Be Posts: 177
Hi, Does anyone know of any where to buy Cymbeline dresses apart from Anabel Rose and Sharon Hoey? Thanks!
siog_11 Posts: 207
Hi :wv Sharon Hoey doesnt have a Cymbeline. She is the owner of Anabel Rose, so ony there. I am going to have Cymbeline dress for my wedding.I love them they are so different. What Cymbeline dress are you thinking about? p.s. at friday flying to Warsaw(Poland) to get dress there. Only in Warsaw there is 3 Cymbeline flagship stores. :wv
Ivy F Posts: 2023
If you're prepared to go outside Ireland, there's a Cymbeline shop in Brussels (Tel +32 2 534 2197). T
aoife1 Posts: 333
go to their website and it will tell you where they are stocked.