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Foxylady1 Posts: 381
Hi all, anyone been to Cyprus, whats it like, thinking of going there maybe Oct/Nov, am thinking the weather might still be nice then.....?????????
nissi Posts: 683
Hi foxylady, Cyprus is a fab country, i love it there. People really friendly. I have only ever been in September and it is still roasting then. Id say it would be still fairly hot around the time you go but id imagine it would get cooler in the evenings. Personally i would try to aim for October if you could, as to get the best out of the weather and also before everything shuts down for the winter months. Where are you thinking of staying?
Foxylady1 Posts: 381
Hi Nissi, thanks for the reply, do you like it so much your username is called after the beach over there - "Nissi" beach lol!!!!! Ive just been looking at package holidays so not sure exactly yet but in the resorts of maybe Ayia Napa, Protaras, Phapos????
nissi Posts: 683
Yup thats it. Have only been to Ayia Napa, never been to any of the other resorts. Hmmm, must go have a look and see if theres any good deals >:o)
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
I have been to Cyprus a couple of times and love it. Despite all you read about Ayia Napa if you go off-peak you tend to avoid the influx of teenagers that apparently come there over the Summer months. I've been there both times in early May, the weather was fab and it was still busy enough to have a good buzz around the place. While I know some parts of Cyprus have rocky/pebbly beaches, the ones around Ayia Napa are just beautiful.....soft white sand, crystal blue waters etc. Again, if you wanted to make sure to avoid the hustle and bustle of Ayia Napa, you could always base yourself in Protarus which is only a couple km away.
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Off to Ayia Napa myself in 3 weeks. Cyprus is lovely. Was in Limassol one year for Christmas & we were going around in shorts & t shirts. Even went sun bathing on Christmas day. We found Limassol a bit 2 quiet
blackroses Posts: 417
[quote="nissi":3jqzkumo]Hi foxylady, Cyprus is a fab country, i love it there. People really friendly.[/quote:3jqzkumo] +1
Foxylady1 Posts: 381
Wow you were going around in shorts & tshirts at Christmas time, i never really taught of Cyprus as a winter destination but it seems to be...
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Yep it was fab. It is know as the Island of all seasons. Went to Eygpt as well for a day. It is beautiful
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
other than thailand its the nicest place ive been to , i was there last oct and it was extremely hot( i love the heat tho), it was late 30's early 40's, i went to aya napa with my mother and sister , we could of done the whole going mad clubbing thing but we didnt, they have the nicest beaches ive ever seen, some are way nicer than thailand. the water is the clearest greenest bluest water ever so warm and you could walk out for ages and only be up to your thigh's, the amount of differnt resteraunts. we had japoneese, idonesian, mexican, cypriot, chinese, italian, lovely there and the cypriot people are lovely , lovely day cruises to see aswell as loads of history of the island. id love to live there !