Cystitis before and during period?

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mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Hi all For the last 3 months before and during my period I have started getting a touch of cystitis, its very uncomfortable and very annoying, just wondering does anybody else suffer from this? I read about a thing called interstitial cystitis which kinds fits my symptoms? Anybody ever heard of it?
duckyboo Posts: 38
hi mrs. crilly, I had the same thing for months and got a few course of antibiotics but the doctor was more treating the kidneys. Then I was refer to a specialist and he put me on a low dose antibiotic for a month that is for bladder infections(one tablet at night) and I got that last August and have been good since. But one has to make sure that you drink the two litres of water a day to pervert another infection. My advice to you is go to the doctor and ask about the low dose antibiotic and if doesn't help it go to a specialist - thats what their there for. Take care
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Thanks for that, I used to have lots of kidney infections when I am younger so I hope its not trying to come back and annoy me again! I did have to get a weeks course of microdantin last month so I will have a word with the GP again. I can only ever manage 1 litre of water a day so I will try and increase this and hopefully it will do me good.
Chick Flick Posts: 498
Mrs Crilly, Cystopurin sachets you get from the pharmacy will tide you over whilst waiting to see your GP. Got them for a bout I had they worked well until I got some antibiotics, its such a pain.
duckyboo Posts: 38
Hi Mrs.Crilly Trimethoprim is the name of the antibiotic that I got. The specialist that I went to got me to go into the hospital for a day and do a camera check on the bladder (don't know what the technical word is for this) and this would find out if you have that interstitial cystitis. I had just signs that I have a number of infections. The specialist said to drink 3 pints a day and to go the toilet every 2 to 3 hours. I know it is hard to get into drinking more water but give it a try it took me about a month to get use to it. Good luck with the doctor and take care of yourself
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
Hi girls I have been lashing the water into me and I'm feeling a lot better now yippie!
blinginhappy Posts: 1356
Potters' Antitis, I can't endorse them enough. YOu can buy them in any health shop and when I feel that a dose of cystitis is coming on I take two and it goes again, I used to suffer from that something awful and was on so many antibiotics. Antitis keeps it away and I have'nt needed antibiotics in months now, thank God cause I hate taking them.
goldie. Posts: 1233
D-mannose is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I had infections every 2 to 3 weeks for years, had the surgery, camera etc to no avail but this has completely stopped it in it tracks. Not a bother with 3 years now.