cystitis :(

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whitedaisy Posts: 761
I have cyctitis at the sore :o( drinking cystopurin...YUK...but it works!! its my 3rd time this year...anyone else suffer with this?
kellyk Posts: 634
Whitedaisy I feel for you..... :o( It is a horrible thing.......I get it a few times a year and the only thing that gets rid of it in the end is antibiotics. No amount of water or any of those sachets work. So uncomfortable. Not sure anyone realises till they have it. :weep
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
whitedaisy I feel for you. I recently had a urinary tract infection so I kind of know how you feel. You would probably need antibiotics alright to clear it up. Try to drink lots of water to flush it out. I know you might not feel like it. Maybe try some cranberry juice as well. Hope you feel better soon :wv
whitedaisy Posts: 761
hi kelly k. it really is so uncomfortable...the sachets are working for the moment but if it comes back im defo heading to the doc!! had me awake most of last night am wrecked today...ZZZzz
wah Posts: 1414
You poor thing, it has to be the worst thing, i have oftern got himself out of the bed to get to a chemist for those sachets but i would agree if they arent working after another day or so go to the doctor and get some antibiotics, i'm not sur eif it was n here or another site i seen someone recommend soda bread in water every hour on the hour, yuk but apparently brilliant and god forbid i get another dose but if i do i will be trying this cause hate antibiotics
windycity Posts: 2241
I used to die with this!! Chamomile tea is excellent for pain relief. They say as well that you should always urinate immediately after DTD.. sorry, TMI! :-8
kellyk Posts: 634
yes and another is no DTD in water! :-8