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thegoodtimes Posts: 2
Quick question that I'm hoping someone can answer please?? Anyone having scans lately in CUMH? Are the dads to be allowed in now? Have dating scan this week and was talking to someone whose OH was not allowed in but it was around the time of swine flu so I'm wondering if there is still a restriction? Really hope he'll be left in!! Would hate for him to miss it! I'd be delighted if someone could shed light on it for me....thanks
Rachel Berry Posts: 359
I had a scan in the CUMH in Feb and there was no problem with my husband joining me:) Enjoy the scan:) It's amazing to see the little baby wriggling around the screen, their arms and legs flying:) :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs [url=][img:3sj4eosj][/img:3sj4eosj][/url:3sj4eosj]
thegoodtimes Posts: 2
Oh brilliant, that's great!! Thanks for the reply......can't wait :o)ll :o)ll
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Yes all restrictions are lifted at the mo - really nice to see waiting rooms full of Dads again. DH has been in with me to all my appointments as well as scan. Enjoy.