Daft question? pain relief - public V's private

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BONSER Posts: 82
Okay this might sound mad to you all but after talking to people who went private, they seemed to have a less painful delivery than those i spoke to who went public/semi private. The public/semi private ladies always seem to have the horror stories.
LJMom Posts: 1100
Hi Bonser, Just thought Id reply seen as so many people viewed but didn’t. To be honest I can’t see how it would make any difference to pain relief if you are public or private?? It’s the mid wife who you spend the most time with & in my experience it does not make any difference as to which midwife you get if you are public or private. Also we all have different pain thresholds so I think this make a big difference. Best of luck :wv
jen2 Posts: 3106
Dont know about public, but I had my baby in a private hospital. I had no pain. They gave me the epidural when I wanted it,and got a booster, when I said I could feel pressure. Sorry I cant be of more help. Jen2
GotPreggers Posts: 988
I went public and had quite the same experience as Jen2 who was private. I wouldn't hesitate going public again. Everyone has a different experience, I don't think it matter if you go public or private. I'm sure there are some Private horror stories out there, you just haven't heard them?
LJMom Posts: 1100
I was private on my last pregnancy & my mid wife refused to give me an epidural at 4cm. I swear she was a total bitch >:o( I ended up having an emergency c section because both me & DS were so distressed by the time she agreed I could have one it got dangerous for both of us. In hindsight I should have asked for another mid wife but we asked for our consultant & she was in & took over within 30 mins. I decided to go private again this time but it still gives me no choice on my mid wife so hoping I get a nice one this time.
jenny.s Posts: 25
i was private for all my babies. When you go into the hospital you can have several different mid wives who you dont know, treating you - and some of them can be very rude. When you see your gynacologist walking through the door its such a relief as you know him/her and you trust them and you immediatley feel in safe hands. Alot of the pain of labour is worsened by fear so having some one you know and trust with you definatley helps. I would definatley choose private over public