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stickwoman Posts: 2394
Hi all, we've just found out that we will be able to start TTC next year (lots of non-preg related health issues on my part) and we are :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll But we live in Louth and I have to say that with the previous health concerns, I'm wary of going to Drogheda.... so we're (i.e. I'm) looking into Daisy Hill as an option. Now I'm a complete novice when it comes to all things maternity, so I could have this backwards.... but I know you pay approx 6,000 for Daisy Hill. But what I didn't know was that all the following were [b:11oeipia]NOT[/b:11oeipia] included in that!!! [i:11oeipia]There are separate fees for Daisy Hill - ( subject to change in new financial year) Caesarean section £2276 stg Normal Delivery £865 stg Bed and Breakfast £503 stg per day Paediatrician* £185 stg / €260 euro Anaesthetist --Epidural in Labour €313 euro** Caesarean Section €351euro*** Special Care Baby Unit €672 euro per day [/i:11oeipia] God forbid if something did go wrong.... baby needed special care unit, even a C section (which could be highly likely due to complications from previous surgeries...) it could easily reach 10,000. What I liked about Daisy Hill was that you got scanned every time you went and from the little research I've done, that doesn't seem to be the case with Drogheda. But you can get private scans, so it's not a huge deal I suppose (price of multiple private scans versus 6,000+ in Newry). I've seen that some people have been recommending Cavan.... would that be a realistic option from Louth? I suppose even though we won't be TTC until next year, if we did decide to go to Daisy Hill we'd need finances in order!!
petalrose Posts: 33
Im going private in drogheda and i can honestly say the care I have received so far (have a few weeks left before baby arrives!) has been great.Drogheda hasnt the greatest of reputations but i really havent had any complaints. Oh and the doctor I am goin to has a scanner in their rooms, so every time i have an appointment she scans me. If you want any more info on the doctor im going to pm me!
mrs shamrock Posts: 603
Just pm'd you
Dr of love Posts: 425
I know the scans aren't the biggest plus for you going private (I belive its because you dont trust Drogheda) but you can get private scans as often as you want for e100 so even if you were to have an extra 3 on top of the 1 you get anyway, it wouldnt cost anything near e5000-e10,000. I guess you are concerned that you will have complications in your pregnancy, I have been lucky so far and everything has been textbook but I couldnt imagine spending money on docs and extra appointments when (as long as things are going well) all you need is your urine checked and your blood pressure checked and to listen to the heart. That is all free. You might think you need the extra reassurance with a consultant but they really and truely do nothing extra for you in the end (unless you have a very complex case). Just thought it might be useful to get this perspective on it. I would personally love to have more appointments because it feels like I'm doing nothing, just sitting at home waiting to grow! But it can be a big waste of money going private. I dont know anything about Daisy Hill, but make sure to check out what would happen if you had real trouble in labour or if your baby did. Is it possible you would need to be transferred to Drogheda?
Mrs W Posts: 2923
What about private in drogheda? Cavan from Dundalk is the worst road in the country and I don't think you can pick where you go anyway. I heard the most terrible story about Daisy Hill delivering a "still born" baby hours after they knew he was in distress and who then started breathing 6 hours later. He's severely brain damaged and they don't know whether he will live or not so Daisy Hill isnt the best either. I'm public in drog and I've had an early scan and 12 week scan so far, everyone I've dealt with we're just lovely so far. My next one is in September so I'll see if I get a scan then! You can get private ones done in newry for £50 so takes the hassle of going to Dublin. Best of luck whatever you decide!
stickwoman Posts: 2394
Thanks girls for the advice - lots to think about. After looking into it a little more today, Cavan is going to be out of the question... it's at least 1 hour 25 minutes and as you pointed out Mrs W, they're the worst roads in the country! So that leaves Drogheda and Newry. Both equal distance. It's not really the stories from Drogheda that would put me off but my own personal experience with A & E there.... I suppose the maternity unit is different. I have private health insurance, so think if we went to Drogheda then I would be going private anyway. I know that it's an extra cost that some feel unnecessary and if it's textbook I can see why but my life so far has been anything but textbook! :-8 I think peace of mind more than anything else... even though I know you may see the same consultant throughout and on the day itself they're not there. If Newry were not so extortionate then I think it would make it easier to decide. Might pop into GP and discuss it with them to see what they think. :thnk Thanks again!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
My husband was rushed to Cavan hospital after a football injury so it was a terrible drive for me! Going by clones isn't half as bad as carrick/shercock etc Best of luck with whatever you decide!