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JellySnakes Posts: 2201
Great start to the morning girls,just opened the door to to post man,had to sign for registered letter. I was like "oh wonder what this could be?", Flipping summons to court over TV license or the lack of one!! AHHH could kill h2b at this minute in time,he is the one who usually takes care of the big bills and had assured me he had paid for tv license after inspector called in October,so i thought no more about it...stupid me O:| Just rang him there and he was like oh ya....not in the slightest bit fazed or bothered by it at all O:| O:| MEN!!!!!!!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Sorry to hear that jelly snakes, that would bother me too, hate anything to do with the "law", hope you get it sorted.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Oh that's a pain! Make sure to get your licence ASAP so that once you get to court you can tell the judge you have it!
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
Just went to the post office and forked out the 160 euro :eek also rang the solicitor on the summons and he gave me the number of the inspector that brought the claim forward.So i have to ring him and tell him i got the license and apologise for wasting his time etc and hopefully it will go no further. I hate being in trouble like this,my stomach is sick with the worry of it,while h2b is ah sure twil be grand dont worry about it O:|
Kilcock bride Posts: 426
that is one major pain in the A*s all right, we pay ours quarterly by direct debit which is really handy works out about €39 or so, can't remember, but it means that we're never going to forget it