Dance lessons - what song?

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leiro Posts: 26
We had our hearts set on Tom Baxter's Better as our first song. We said we would get dance lessons so we could glide around the floor as oppose to shuffling. But when we went to the dance lesson the instructor said we couldn't dance to it because its not a walze or fox trot. So now we either have to pick a new song or abandon the dance lessons. If anyone has got dance lessons what dance did you learn and what song? Seems all the ballroom dancing songs are oldies and we want the song to be memorable and mean something to us.....
swellin Posts: 152
you can of course dance to it!!! dont mind him the dance step is called the social rhythm and can be used for any four beat song (which that song is i think) its 2 slow steps followed by two quick steps (like a foxtrot sort of thing i think) i only know this as we wanted something similar as our first dance and this is what our dance lady recommended!!
marianf Posts: 5845
We did lessons last year for the laugh. We are doing a foxtrot to Frank Sinatra. I dont think you could do a foxtrot to Better but you could do a slow waltz. Not much of a teacher IMO if they cant come up with a dance for you to do to your song. O:|
Cork_girl Posts: 525
This sounds a bit silly to me - sorry! We chose Robbie Williams' version of Beyond the Sea and our dance teacher choreographed the whole routine for us. We had bits of foxtrot, bits of waltz, some other spins and twirls, and some other simpler steps in between.
Innuendo Wedding Band Posts: 287
Hi, One of the most popular songs couples have danced to when we have played for them is Micheals Buble's version of "Save the last dance for me" Its perfect for the Fox Trot. HTH :wv