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spudnik Posts: 211
Hi there, has anyone any suggestions for dance teachers in or around Cork city please? I'm not looking to learn any fancy moves, I just want to improve on the shuffling, out of time, foot squashing shambles that I am! Thanks in advance
sugarandspice Posts: 2378 :wv
spudnik Posts: 211
Thanks Sugar and Spice, I'll check that out!
Quinn2be2010 Posts: 205
I contacted them and they charge 80 per couple per lesson. I thought that was a bit steep so I'm continuing the search.
MrsW2010 Posts: 348
We had a guy called Derek - goes under dancing derek, he sadi he's got a website so if you google his name it shoudl come up, we were charged €60 per lesson but threw the last one in for free..