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koala Posts: 202
I really feel for Sharon. Ok she's not a great skater, but the outfits they put her in are hidious. I know she's a swimmer, but tonight and last week she was basically wearing a swimsuit. Tana and Emily aren't great skayers either, but they get to wear nice cute outfits while Sharon looks so hard and I really don't want to see much more of her crotch!!! Cant help wondering if she looked nicer, would she get more votes from the public and be spared the skatoff?
mrspants Posts: 4652
I feel so sorry for her too! She is a bit wooden but she isn't that bad. Her outfit tonight is awful, the colour is gack! Isn't Mikey just deadly??? Who would have thought it?!!
serenity Posts: 3675
Ah feck I missed it... Who was good / bad tonight? Who will be booted off??
koala Posts: 202
Mikey is great, never would have thought it! It was 70's night so the music and outfits were good. Hard to know who will bw booted off, there is such a gap between the good ones and the brutal ones like Tana, Dr Jones and Emily. Recording the skateoff cos I'm going to watch raw!!
IndigoMoon Posts: 2842
Missed Skate off. Who went
koala Posts: 202
Tana and Danny were in skate off, Tana was booted out.
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Mikey is fab!!! He's just so down to earth and normal, lol!! Thinky Hayley is great too ... I think Emily should have been in the skate off last night, she looked like she was gonna cry!! Plus loved the fact that Frankie looked like she was goona hurt Jason!!
brightling Posts: 1496
Koala, I said the exact same thing to DH last night about Sharon and her outfits. She is probably the biggest girl and they give her the skimpiest outfits. Mikey is just brilliant, would love to see him go all the way. Like Hayley too, she looks like she is enjoying it and having a good laugh.
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
I think the only reason Emily is there is because of Fred. I'd vote for her to get to see him every week... Even though I'm not loving Sharon it was great she wasn't in the skate off again, it must be horrible to be there week after week.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I missed the first few skating! :o( I did see Sharon though and I think she's getting better? I think part of her problem is that she's so big. She's as tall as her partner and is very muscular! It makes it hard for her to appear graceful like some of the other slips of things. I never knew she was a gladiator before!!! I thought Heather Mills was beyond brutal last night. It was a really bad performance and the hesitancy showed throughout. I think she should have been in the skate off along with Dr Hillary! I love Mikey, Hayley, Kieron and Daniella! I think they're the strongest contestants!