Dandruff – Definition, Types, Causes, and Treatment

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RoyParker Posts: 2
What are the causes for dandruff? Are there any types? What are the natural ways to cure dandruff?
emmaackermann Posts: 15
I think people having dry skin faces the dandruff problem very oftenly. But one can get rid off from dandruff by doing a regular massage with coconut oil into your scalp and rinse hair with water after 10 mins. It is the best home remedy to cure dandruff.
joshuamiller7602 Posts: 14
Dandruff is a chronic condition, which occurs due to dry or greasy scalp that produces flakes of dead skin cells. These flakes are found in the head or on the shoulders and can result in itching. Sometimes, frequent scratching may lead to hair fall. Although dandruff does not harm you, yet it can be embarrassing to have the condition. It originates while a person is in the age range of 10 to 20. It affects about 40% people above the age of 30. you can get more information at
ayeshakhan Posts: 11
Hey everyone, I wanted to share my story of Dandruff with you guys. So this was 2 years ago and I had Low Blood pressure. Everything was normal until I noticed that I had a lot of Dandruff and its not like I haven't had dandruff before. So I knew this time it was something different since it just felt weird and there was a lot of irritation in my scalp. I consulted a doctor and then he told me it is because my blood pressure was fluctuating a lot. So he told me that if I had a [url=]normal blood pressure[/url:24fytm9i], the problem would reduce. And this was true since I was not too far from my wedding day and I was getting stressed and getting irritated when things went wrong. So I started comforting myself, told my fiance about it and then starting taking meds too. Either way, if a few months everything was back to normal and the dandruff issue also reduced significantly. So I have to say that don't stress too much on the little things and trying to keep your health in check everyone. Cheers!
Soph1a80 Posts: 3
I think my opinion won't be original, but still give it a try. Been struggling with my dandruff for years, till I found a nice combo of natural oil tree based shampoo/conditioner described in [url=]this blog[/url:378ysmng]. It's sulfate- and silicone-free, also it smells well. Though you may find it too oily, so may check other options.