Danné paramedical facials

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Has anyone had any experience of Danné paramedical facials? The blurb sounds good but I would like to hear real-life experiences. I have terrible oily skin prone to horrible, probably hormonal, breakouts, as they don't happen that often but when they do, i just want to hibernate for a week. I'm having one of those breakouts at the moment and it's so dpressing, so thought I might give these a try.
glittergirlrachel Posts: 279
Pomegranate why don't you try a microdermadrasion and oxygen facial? I know you asked about the Danne but I think it's maybe more for people with a lot of scarring and my not correct what you're having (I am open to correction though). The metro spa in Toni and Guy and therapie do the dermabrasion and oxygen and there's a treatment called Crystal clear aswell. Do a search on www.beaut.ie and you should find some information
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks, glittergirlrachel. Have tried microdermabrasion before, sometimes it works well, sometimes not. Haven't heard of the oxygen before. Must check that out! :wv