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Dill Posts: 1640
Hey there Just wondering if anyone has a wonder fix for hiding dark circles? I know YSL Touch Eclat is considered great but i developed an allergy to it and got nice dry patches over my circles which was only gorgeous! Anyone have any suggestions of an alternative?
Hormonal Posts: 12
drink plenty of water (dark circles are a sign of dehydration). Also get plenty of sleep, put vaseline on at night. As for hiding them, I use YSL so cant help you there.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
There was a thread on this a few weeks back and a lot of the advice seemed to be around having plenty of sleep, exercise and drinking plenty of water. Gently massaging around the area may help. As a last resort there is a product called hylexin (I think) - apparently it's available in house of fraser - expensive though.
strictly_casual Posts: 66
Clinique All About Eyes is meant to be good. I'm terrible for buying stuff and then forgetting to use it though - if only they worked by osmosis!! :)
over it Posts: 2779
Dill Posts: 1640
Thx for the advice girls, pls do let me know how the facial goes brickingitbride... i drink tons of water so its defo not that! THink i've just inherited them!! Cheers!
bride. Posts: 3014
Where are you getting the facial done brickingitbride? is it expensive?
AislinnS Posts: 1253
Drink lots of nettle tea, as it it great for your skin and for getting rid of nasties out of your system. Don't use vaseline or regular moisturiser anywhere near your eyes! It will make them puffy and irritated, as they're far too heavy. Get yourself a proper eye gel - I use Clarins contour gel, which is moisturising, but is also made to reduce puffiness and dark circles. You should see results within a week.
over it Posts: 2779
Anonymous Posts: 24542