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Ellie28 Posts: 121
Hi all, just to let you know - I was at a wedding in Darver Castle on Friday - fab day, location and food etc.. jsut to let you know we used the accomodation about mins walk from the castle - the houses/ b+b accross the way - €100 per double rooms - room are really nice and then breakfast in the castle the next morn - if anybody is heading there soon - I would highly recommend these for overnight accomodation !! E
xbellex Posts: 50
oh thats brilliant as i am having my wedding there and was worried as i really want a big family breakfast the next day and want alot of them and close friends to be able to stay over!!!!!! thats brill and actualluy cheap for a wedding stay over!!!! :) :)
mkb Posts: 1744
thanks very much for posting on darver. Were having our rececption there too (6months from today actually, woo hoo :o)ll :o)ll )but we havent seen what the house are like across the way and didn't know how much it was to rent them. Can i ask are the houses very big. Myself and h2b have taken 1 house each for both our familys and as my family is the larger of the two im worried about trying to fit everyone in. I was hoping maybe if i could to bring up some inflatable beds to try fit them all in. do you think this could be possible.
joker Posts: 2789
did anyone ask darver re chair covers... they are very expensive and the room doesnt look as good without them... they should be included in the package!!
Gellytot Posts: 28
Is the house's rented out entirely or are they B&B basis? Does Darver own them? One more thing any news on the chair covers, it seems to pop up all the time in the chats, the room is nothing without them. I really want them but they are expensive. Less than six months to my wedding I better get back on and start haggling! :eek
joker Posts: 2789
Darver owns the houses, there are 11 rooms at 100 a night per room and you get breakfast the next morning. I have totally booked them for our wedding and then will offer to certain family members... but im not footing the billI think darver need to offer some deals as they are the only hotel in the area not offering deals with weddings already booked!
joker Posts: 2789
As there are 9 bedrooms and the rate in inclusive of the rental we werent going to ask anyone who is staying in the castle to pay for their accomodation... now im thinking just to pay for ours n our parents and ask others for 100E per room. h2b said when he was best man he paid for our accomodation... whats everyone else doing??