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elfen Posts: 244
Girls, hope you can help - bear with me :wv I started my last Af on June 1. I Ov CD10 which was June 11... gof BFP June 20. So I KNOW i conceived CD 10 ( June11) Because my usual Cy is short (24 days) am i only 4 weeks today? Reason I ask is that as most women Ov CD14 or later, by the time they were to reach 18DPO ( which I am now) they could be 5 weeks + .... if your still with me Thanks!! Would love to know what you think. :thnk
dovedro Posts: 1295
HI elfen Big congrats on your BFP :o)ll I'm by no means an expert but as far as I know the docs calculate it on your last period date so if that was only 4 weeks ago then they would say your 4 weeks pregnant. I ovulated a week late and my docs dates have me down as 6 weeks but according to my dates i'd only be 5 weeks but think they just use the period date regardless Sorry prob not much help Congrats again and hope you have a great pregnancy
charli Posts: 5994
yeah i think they just use day 1 of period as guide - maybe first scan will say otherwise but thats kinda what you have to go by might just mean that you could go into labour 1/2 weeks early, and when some go over 41/42 weeks could be down to longer cycles
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Most people can't tell when they conceived (unless they only had sex once in the month or something!) so doctors always calculate the number of weeks from day 1 of your last menstrual period. They say you can expect to give birth from two weeks before to two weeks after your due date, which is calculated from this first date of last menstrual period (LMP) but I think *most* first babies come a little late.
speedy55 Posts: 512
hey elfen see is this any good for you. i've found it fairly accurate. well in that it corresponded with my early scan dates! on the other hand i'm due today and there's not a peep so who knows :eek