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ro0809 Posts: 72
Hi girls, Has anyone had David Knight as their photographer or heard anything about him? Thanks! :thnk
MissFitz Posts: 66
Hi there. I have heard that he is supposed to be good if a little overpriced for what he does. I think he got very popular over the last few years and has upped his price alot. I had thought of going with him but tbh after looking at him and another photographers websites I have to say I don't know what all the hype about david knight was!! We went with the other guy and got a good deal. PM me if you want details.
waffy Posts: 410
hey we had david as our photographer and couldn't recommend him enough. he's a lovely guy, very relaxed and friendly on the day - full of ideas but always made us feel like we were in charge and he'd do whatever we wanted. as for the price, we got quotes from a lot of people and he was by FAR the most competitive, actually compared to some photographers in Galway he charged about half their cost. yes his prices have gone up slightly over the last few years, but what prices haven't? a photographer is a personal choice - different photographers have different styles and we just liked David's, maybe you'd rather something different, but i'd highly recommend going to meet him at least. hth :wv