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o\'brien2008 Posts: 33
Hi All, Just wondering for those who have been to David's Bridal in New York, is any one store better than the other? I have made an appointment for the store on Long Island in Westbury but I just wondered if anyone knew if the Queens or Brooklyn store was bigger or better? Thanks!
Merlot x Posts: 101
Hi I went with my sister about 4 years ago to the store in Yonkers (Bronx). Its sooooooo big! There are so many dresses to chose from - hope you find the right one for you!
Here\'s Hopin\' Posts: 19
Hi there, I bought my dress in the Queens store about a year ago. The store if huge, and their dresses are amazing. I haven't been to any of their other stores but I would definitely recommend a trip out to Queens.. it's not far from Manhattan on the sub way and its about a 15-20 min walk once you get off the train in Queens. Hope that helps :o)ll
Junewife07 Posts: 276
i was in both the long island and the queens one. I got two of my bm dresses in queens and then went to long island as they had my dress and the other bm dress and fg dress. i found the one in lond island MUCH better. it was cleaner , more room, more choices and the staff were soooooooooo nice. Also the shopping centre in long island was great also. so spent a load out there too. left the dresses in db till we finished our shopping (spent the whole day there!!!) and then they called us a cab back to the train. It was great. Have a great time. My sister got her dress a couple of months ago in RK bridal in NY and that was also very good. Absolutely loads of dresses. So between the two shops you will defo get what you want.