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chaos Posts: 1904
hi all, have to start seriously getting in shape. have been trying for the last three weeks, first week lost 2 lbs then stayed the same and this week put on one! so i said i would try davinas new dvd, any one find it good? did 20 mins of it last night & my legs are killing me today so must be good!!
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Yes my legs always kill me after doing it too.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I did the boxercise one night. My god I felt it for two days after. Talk abour feeling the burn!! But its really enjoyable. I like the way she tells you how much more you have to do as well.
chaos Posts: 1904
i couldnt face doing it last night as my legs were in agony! still very sore today but will tough it out and try it again tonight! i do boxercise in the gym every week so if this is as good, it will save me a fortune as i wont have to go to it then!