Dawros Church, Kenmare

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Theresalala Posts: 13
Hi! My fiancé and I have booked our ceremony venue in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. However, we now need a church! Neither of us are from the area and so we do not have a very good grasp of the churches. Having down a bit of research, we think we will pick between Dawros Church and Bonane Church. However, I have heard reports that Dawros Church is quite small. We are inviting 160 to the wedding. Does anyone know if the church would be big enough to hold those numbers?
marialouise Posts: 212
I think 160 is probably a push, but after some declines you'll probably be okay. I have been to a wedding there but can't remember the exact number of pews, I think you can fit 4, maybe 7 people in one at a squish? Bonane has more rows I think but less wide, so maybe 5 each side. Dawros is a beautiful setting, but depending on the time of year maybe that's less important? Bonane is a bit further out of Kenmare, but I don't know where that is in relation to your venue. As far as I remember there was no bathroom there either! Holy Cross Church is another one in Kenmare that's absolutely beautiful and can fit huge numbers, but the parish priest is very strict on the church music, so bear that in mind. I think I have photos from inside all of them so PM me if you'd like more info!
JenDon Posts: 11
I am also getting married in Kenmare this year and have booked Dawros Church for the ceremony. We live in Singapore and had to book it based on recommendations and our imagination but we managed to make a trip over last August to visit the church and reception venue. It is such a lovely church - really nice setting, quite simple inside but lovely wooden pews and stain glass windows throughout. It has a lovely, peaceful feel and is really well maintained. I think you can probably get about 7 people on a pew. We are expecting around 125 which they have said will be fine. 160 might be a bit tight but it's worth asking them. I took a video of the church and several photos when I was there so let me know if they would be helpful to you and I can email them over. Sorry for the delay in responding to this - I have had a break of wedding planning and havent been on here in months!
April_Tulips Posts: 1
Hi, I'm just new on here and was delighted to see your posts on Catholic churches in Kenmare. We too are in search of a church for our wedding next April. I would love if you could share your photos and footage of both Dowros and Bonane churches. It would be a huge help to me here in California trying to book without viewing. Thanks again :thnk