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shazzy1988 Posts: 27
Hi, I'm just wondering are there many of ye having something the day after the wedding, such as BBQ etc? Myself and the hubby to be would love to just take it easy that day as we are off on honeymoon the day after. Is it kind of expected of people to have something the day after or would people mind either way?
meme134 Posts: 71
we were just going to have lunch with who was still in the hotel the next day as we have to leave for the airport that evening, so nothing big/fancy :)
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Its definitely getting popular but I don't think anythings expected, friends of ours got married last year & they didn't do anything the day after, however we all decided to go to the pub & it was one of the best days crack iv ever had, they were really sorry they missed out! My fiancé wants to do something the day after but Honestly organising the wedding is taking its toll on me, I can't face organising another party. We aren't going on honeymoon for a week though so don't really want to go home & back to normal life quite so soon either!
Casperlady Posts: 166
We are having a BBQ in the hotel the next day for those who want to stay and make the most of the fab spa facilities we won't be going on honeymoon for about a month after the wedding
ShinyBride Posts: 418
No plans. A couple of people have asked, but at the moment we just want to come home, as husband and wife, and relax in our own home. It's enough to organise and pay for one day, and our venue has another wedding the next day anyway. If closer to the time we feel the need we might consider going to our local pub, but I remember being wrecked after being bridesmaid so can't imagine I'd be able for it as a bride!
nosie Posts: 449
We're going to do a very casual cold buffet the day after at home. No cooking allowed, no formal invites, no formal time just any time after 1 but then we'll have wine and beer left over because the wedding is at home too. I will want to see everyone once more before we go away when there isn't quite so much going on.
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
A good few people are traveling for our wedding so we wanted tondo something the next day Decided on an informal do in the sister hotel if our venue Have told people we'll be there from 3 ish and will have some finger food There's a restaurant if people want something more substantial I can't wait to have a relaxed drink with our friends and family and have the post mortem Lots of people have said the bride in particular gets to really relax the next day
lorrimar Posts: 837
We are just going to reserve an area in our local and have finger food for anyone that wants to go. Ireland's 1st Rugby World Cup match is on the day after ours so we can watch that too
bridgie32 Posts: 49
We weren't going to do anything . . like you we just want to take it easy next day. But we were at a "Paella" party last week for a communion and booked them for our day after party. The food was fantastic and it was just something different. (Sangria and everything supplied) All plates and everything supplied and cleared away which was a major plus for us! Looking forward to it now . . it would feel strange just going home on our own!
Conormammy Posts: 404
We were very undeceided up until the day before!! When we booked a local pub for 6.30 and we got lots of finger food. We were afraid we would end up spending a fortune on day after food and nobody would turn up.. however we at least 30 people turn up. It wasnt a late night.. we all went home by 11!! It was lovely though .. we thought we would be wrecked and unable to enjoy it!! We didnt leave for honeymoon for another 2 days, which i was so happy about as we had a chance to sleep before we left!!