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gealltanas Posts: 20
I wasn't sure where else to put this! I am having a wee tiny low budget wedding. Only immediate family, small civil ceremony, tasty dinner and a night in a nice hotel for us all - we get on well and are sure to have great fun. Despite the small size, I'm DIYing my little heart out and I'll be having Senbazuru decor, birdcages, a centrepiece for the table, another table with favours, some photobooth prop things for the silly photos and probably stacks of books in lieu of cupcake stands (to hold the carrot cake, lemon and blueberry cupcakes and brownies I'll make the day before). My one wee issue is this - as happy as I am to spend the next few months folding and cutting and baking and sewing, the morning of my wedding, this crap will have to stop. I want to relax with eggs and orange juice and have my hair and make-up done and skit about the place with my sister and parents and not have to worry about arranging fecking buns on fecking books! So I would like to hire someone to set up for me. It probably wouldn't take more than 2 hours I'd say and they'd be setting up all my own stuff. The wedding isn't big enough to hire a day of coordinator or a planner. Do people do this kind of thing - can you hire a decoration person to do all that icky stuff so I can have nice coffee and toast in peace?! :wv
Crostini Posts: 1105
just get 2 of your friends to do it! lob all the stuff to the hotel the night before, (the hotel should give you a secure room to place them) and then have your 2 friends run down in the morning and set it all up. would only take a max or 2 hours??
gealltanas Posts: 20
What I'm worried about is that the wedding is a Monday (all close friends working!) and as it's only immediate family at the wedding, I feel I can't give people jobs who aren't going to be there! A bit of a conundrum!
ggbeaks Posts: 132
Have you asked the wedding co ordinator at the hotel. Normally they are very helpful when it comes to things like that, draw up a mock up of how you want the cakes done and drop them over the day before. Normally the hotel puts out all the place cards and centre pieces, I know from my days working in hotels we were happy to help out a bride on her big day any way we could :)
Crostini Posts: 1105
Ask your family members so! for my sisters wedding, myself and 2 of my brothers went down and got everything done, then I rushed back and got my hair and make-up done in plenty of time! and that was for a large enough wedding, with candy buffet,tables,wishtrees etc etc to set up.
fixibelle Posts: 201
Gealltanas I've the same exact problem! We've 14 adults attending - including ourselves! We're thinking of asking the best man's fiancée to help out with this as she's quite arty... will let you know how we get on! :) Is there an "other half" attending that might like to do it? Sometimes people are flattered to be asked to help! (we hope, anyway!)
winter2012bride Posts: 172
As a suggestion......if you provide info on the date and location here perhaps some wollie might help out in return for keeping some of the decorations afterwards for their own wedding. Might not suit all as it is a Monday and most people working but you never know! Also think the suggestion of family and friends is a good idea, people love helping out and feeling involved in the big day so defintely delegate and enjoy your own day!
gealltanas Posts: 20
There are some great ideas here! See asking family becomes an issue, as my sister is bridesmaid and has plenty of jobs to start with. Her partner might be able to do it, but the control freak part of me believes he might not be the best choice. His sister will have a very small baby and might not be the best one to ask. Her partner is best man. Then there's the parents and us. Everyone has a job already unfortunately. Looks like I'm going to have to tentatively broach the subject with the sisters and see if anyone will make the trip in the morning. Feel bad asking however (or maybe it's just control freak bride coming out in me). Otherwise I'll bite the bullet and go out for an hour myself in the mornign - how bad can it be?! I seriously would love to just give someone a hundred euros for half an hours work and get them to set it up. But it seems such people don't exist!! For shame! Thanks for your help ladies xx
Littleoeuf Posts: 131
This is something I've been thinking about as well - our wedding venue will have another wedding there the evening before so it will all have to be done that morning. OH in fairness volunteered to head out but I don't think that's fair either. We're planning on taking photos of things set up how we want them in our house, and then hoping that OH's sister might be obliging on the day! I'm sure the venue themselves will be good too, but I'd like someone we know there too!
shoveover Posts: 480
Don't underestimate the abilities and willingness of the hotel staff! I took a load (and I mean LOAD) of DIY stuff down to the hotel the night before our wedding. I was actually a bit embarrassed about the amount of stuff :-8 Anyway, when I arrived the next day armed with my BMs and husbands of BMs to set everything up the staff had most of it done! Anything I wanted changed or moved was no problem, but I was thrilled with what they had done.