Daytime napping in a travel cot?

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highvis Posts: 405
I will need something for Baby to nap in during the day downstairs - would a travel cot (with raised bassinet) be suitable or would it be too big for the baby to begin with? This was the travel cot I was thinking of [img:1sbiluwl][/img:1sbiluwl]
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
You could use the buggy/pram you buy, save you having to spend extra money
highvis Posts: 405
Would probably get the travel cot at some stage anyway - the changing table on top i think I would be very handy. Thinking of getting the Baby Jogger city select buggy and the carrycot isn't the best in my opinion - its very small and not suitable for overnight sleeping (not that I'd use it overnight) but I'd be wondering is it ok for during the day for long naps if its not ok for overnight. DH and MIL are kinda rail roading me into getting the carrycot anyway..
katiemomma Posts: 2690
I got this for day time naps and loved the changing table part. I had mine in our kitchen living area which is very big anyway so this wasnt in the way at all. We got ours on sale in argos by chance for €70. It was the lastone in one of the shops at the time so maybe thats why it was that price. keep an eye out as the prices vary alot depending on the shops.
highvis Posts: 405
Thanks Katiemomma - did you put the baby in straight away?? worried they'd be a little lost in the big travel cot, even with the raised bassinet. Was in Blanchardstown Smyths last week and seen that Graco one and another one with a newborn napper, it was like a bouncer chair/seat attached, but it hadn't a strap and I'd worry baby would fall out! Found a pic online - although its not on the smyths website - what do you think?? [img:lrociswi][/img:lrociswi] I have a kitchen/dining/living area so plenty of space for a travel cot. Would probably be getting it anyway for when baby would get a little older to hopefully nap in during the day downstairs and of course for trips away (hopefully!!!) Just worried its a little big for a newborn going into straight away!
noc Posts: 1802
We also got the Graco travel cot with changer and bassinet. We mostly chose it for the bassinet part as I'd had a CS and couldn't have leaned over to put baby into bottom of a normal travel cot. This was really handy and made a big difference. Baby had daytime naps in it from a few weeks old. It's pretty big/ bulky but still doing good service as an actual travel cot when we go to in-laws' holiday home. Never used the changer part as our baby was a boy and when he was small enough, he was also very unreliable on the changing mat. There were a lot of little 'fountains' ;o) and I didn't want his bedclothes splashed. I never really got the idea of cot-top changers for this reason! Baby stopped taking daytime naps in it after around 4 months though as he got too easily disturbed and didn't seem to like it anymore (he was more likely to nap in his baby chair/ rocker) so we just started letting him nap in his cot upstairs, packed the travel cot away to be used only for holidays and reclaimed the living room space it had been taking.
noc Posts: 1802
p.s. unless you think you will also have need of a travel cot for travelling/ staying with relatives I would just get a little moses basket or use a pram carrycot for daytime naps in the first few months. Take up less room and just as cheap. This cot is too big to fly with too IMO in case you think it might be handy for that. I don't think it would be. I would just choose a place to stay that will provide a cot for you.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Overall i don't think it'd be a bad investment, like noc said you mightn't use it for that long for daytime napping - sometimes baby may fall asleep in buggy and you won't want to move them, also i liked having DD upstairs in her cot for napping, personally i think she slept better and for longer. We used our travel cot loads though, as a playpen, and when staying over in family and friends so i think they're a worthwhile investment.
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Yeah, they're worthwhile and versatile. No harm getting baby used to sleeping in a different cot to their regular one. They're handy for having on the move, and leaving with grandparents or whoever might be minding them down the road. One of our better buys.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I had something similar and found it brilliant. I didn't bother with a moses basket cause i knew he would grow out of it too quickly. The travel cot is brilliant for changing baby (we had ours in the kitchen as well), day time taps and then when they get bigger great for sticking them into when popping out to the clothes line. We also used our on holidays and staying with relatives. One of our best buys really.