DD battering bump!

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punkybrewster Posts: 290
Hi Ladies I'm after getting a bit of a fright there a while ago- DD has been a handful today and I'm very hormonal/emotional- I think she senses it from me and is acting the maggot Anyway she's given my bump 2 almighty clatters, I can't even remember how it happened, just know that I am getting cramps in one of the spots every time I move- I presume this is muscular but its not nice. :o( I feel so bad that I was in the cranks with DD and couldn't wait to put her to bed. Anyone with 2 or more kids, I guess I need reassurance that baby is well padded in there, and won't end up with broken bones or bruises :o( :o( :o( :o( Sorry for the moan
Emme Posts: 4735
DS has obviously taken a hit out on his prospective sibling because he has winded me more times with alarming accuracy. Mostly he assaults at nightime when he stretches over the bed and then gives my tummy a few good kicks. He doesn't do it on purpose but I've gone from worrying about it just to getting used to it! The only time I'm uber careful is when he has his big boots on. My balance went on DS and I fell a million times and gave myself awful doings and all was well so I wouldn't worry too much but no harm to get checked out if that pain doesn't go away by itself but I'd say you got the brunt of it and babs is oblivious!