dd screaming in the buggy out walking

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Double Trouble Posts: 915
Girls, anyone any suggestions for what I can do.... I walk 3/4 miles most days in the buggy. I usually go around 3.30/4pm after their afternoon bottle since the evenings have gotten brighter. But my little dd has taken to hating the buggy all of a sudden. She will scream and scream (with people staring at me!) until I take her out. I've tried feeding her, toys, singing (which I'm just terrible at so don't blame her for not stopping!), running with the buggy etc. Its wrecking my head cos I love walking, it keeps me sane and is helping lose the baby weight too. I was walking with my sister the other day and ended up carrying her, which isn't good for the ol back and could only do that cos my sister could wheel the buggy. Yesterday I did go walking at their afternoon nap time and she did sleep for a while but it started as soon as she woke. I suppose I could try shorter walks so she doesn't get fed up.....hoping its just a phase, shes a bit cranky with her teeth and trying really hard to crawl and catch up with her brother I have two buggys a phil and teds and a baby jogger side by side, shes the same in both! Anyway.... any ideas??
Emme Posts: 4735
I do four miles a day as well and couldn't imagine not getting out to do it. You're not going to like my advice though...leave her cry in the buggy and ignore her. She is getting what she wants by lifting her out so she'll keep at it IMO. My little fella went through a phase of not getting into the buggy and I was cajoling him, and letting him walk beside it for a while and eventually I got fed up and was just like 'you're getting in horsebox'. About three days in he was back to hopping in and have had no problems since. How is she in the buggy other than at walktimes? Like is your LO okay shopping etc?
dreamer Posts: 3941
Heya, I am not sure if this is advice but my DD was the very same. I used to walk a 10km route every day of my 11 month maternity leave!As she started approaching one she was a nightmare in the buggy but we generally just tried to ignore her screaming. But I could no londer take in her to town shopping with the buggy as she was terrible and it just wasn't worth the hasssle. Even to this day, it is an ordeal bringing her in the buggy in to town and she just whinges and cries and tells me that she wants to walk! She will tolerate walk in the buggy now if there is a destination. For example, if I tell her we are walking to the swings or walking to feed the ducks etc. But it could just be her personality! My DD is a demanding independent little madam >:o( and I could see the signs form the early months!
Double Trouble Posts: 915
Thanks for the replies girls! Yes I will have to do more letting her cry emme, you are right, well when I'm walking on my own I cannot take her out anyway cos I have my ds too so.....I cannot NOT get out walking, especially coming into the summer ...... I think I will change my walk time a bit to nap time, cos she will sleep for some of it then at least. I go late afternoon for selfish reasons cos they can be very cranky then and I find the afternoon long on my own :) And up until recently they both loved it. Dreamer she is a independent little madam too already! Today she didn't want to be anywhere, cot, buggy in the shopping centre, car seat, booster seat in my parents - screamed everywhere except here at home on the floor playing with toys. She has just started crawling and I wonder if there is a bit of separation anxiety going on with her too cos she just wants me all the time, which isn't like her shes a real Daddys girl. Her twin brother was a bit like that a few weeks ago, was just hanging out of me..... Thanks anyway :thnk
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
hi there my baby boy is like this was way worse when he only small he is just one now.. when he was in the pram part he roared n roared and i like to walk too. now i plan it for when he needs a nap because he would cry for all the walk. tried everything. still hates buggy but not as bad now.. not sure if its age or a phase. i used to love to get out for a walk and break and people would be staring at me cos he was crying. then other times i had to just carry and he was and still is a big baba.. hope u get sorted soon and its only short phase for you.