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mrs gerard Posts: 1669
Isy Posts: 89
Hi Mrs Gerard. I don't live in Dublin so can't help with recommending anyone. But have you tried the SMEP plan, I did this the month I got pregnant, used OV kits and preseed. Also took Agnus Catus, don't know if it did any good. Might be worth a go. Best of luck!! :babydust:
Nadie Posts: 1111
Hey Mrs Gerard, I didn't use acupuncture for my BFP, but I did try it for hay fever. I used Su Pin in Terenure - she's very well established having worked in acupuncture here in Dublin for 20 years or so. Her mobile is 087 247 6355. Best of luck! :babydust:
sally Posts: 1140
Im not in dublin so cant recommend an acupuncturist but did acupuncture to get pregnant first time around. Started after about five mths trying... was doing temp charting and ov tests for a few mths and taking evening primrose, agnus castus as well. My cycle was 33 days and was ov day 22... after first mth of acu my cycle was down to 30 days i think and i ov day 17 and the next month I took the chinesse herbs as well (yuck) and presto i was pregnant.... I really think it made a difference as my cycle immediately got more normal. I went to him when i was overdue too and I was going to make a follow on app and he said I wouldnt need it and he was right was in labour the next day. Im not sure about reflex... have had it done and found it great for emotional problems I was having at the time.... I believe it works but not sure for TTC. Good luck.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I definately recommend agnus cactus tablets. I took these for about 2 months. I was off the pill for about 8 months and used other protection during those months and then for 2 months we kinda got lazy and stopped using anything and although we were not actively ttc we did know it was a possibility. To be honest i was over 10 years on the pill and i came off it to regulate my periods as i thought i would find it hard to get pregnant until they were regular and they never did become regular but i got pregnant anyway. Even the junior doctor in the hospital was shocked that i managed to get pregnant with them being so all over the place as she said there is only a 24 hour window to get pregnant in each cycle !
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Mrs Gerard my friend went to a acupuncturist in Ranelagh to bring on her labour. She was recommended by a midwife so am sure you could see her too. Will pm u her name and no. Hope all works out for you
SGirl Posts: 2542
Sorry Mrs G but all i can advise is the auld ovulation kits, 6 months may seem like ages but dont be fretting it is not unusual at all for it to take that long x
flippersmrs Posts: 660
mrs g- we were on several 2ww threads together.have no expereince of accupuncture etc but just wanted to say good luck to you and i was on my 6th month ttc when we got our bfp, so fingers crossed for you. it was our first month of dtd 10 nights ina row plan, except we actaully dtd for over 2 weeks in a row so maybe give it a go this month. also not sure if this was connected or not but it was my first month starting eye q chew cpasules fish oil supplement. babydust to you mrs g :babydust: :babydust:
mrs gerard Posts: 1669
Nadie Posts: 1111
Mrs Gerard, I'm looking forward to seeing you over here soon with your BFP, and you're always welcome anyway for questions! I think it was yourself that I passed a pearl of wisdom onto some time ago regarding the use of a hairdryer while TTC, I hope yous are keeping tidy! :o0