Dead wrist/ankle?

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ttc2012 Posts: 661
Maybe not the best wat to describe it but at night my right ankle kinda goes asleep and i find my wrist also does the same, feeling more numb spreading a bit to my fingers (just on my right hand), its not stiff or sore, it just feels like they are asleep or something ive been up aince 4:30 stretching, especially my fingers and wrist and cant get rid of it... anyone know what it is?
twinbride Posts: 278
Im not sure about the ankle, but I have carpel tunnel syndrome which is pins and needles in my hands, especially at night. Its caused by slight swelling at wrist which block the nerves to hands when hands in certain position and can happen anytime but pregnant women are really prone to it. I have splints I wear at night and they have really helped. I dont wake up anymore from the discomfort. It might be the same for your ankle? I got referred to the occupational therapist by my consultant for the splints, so Id talk to your doctor. hth
ttc2012 Posts: 661
Thanks a million. Its not pins and needles just like a numbness/deadness and its runing from my wrist to my fingers. I got dead legs on DS and i seem to get dead knee now in the car and this dead alkle in bed! The joys! Ill talk to my doctor on Tue. Thanks again