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cvbgc Posts: 169
hi just wondering has anyone hired suits from debenhams . thinking of getting them from newry.
jellywellies Posts: 2268
Ooooh never knew they did this .... gonna have a nosey!!!
cvbgc Posts: 169
away with the fairies x Posts: 392
Hiya We got all the suits for the lads in Debenhams and they were fantastic By far the cheapest and the quality and choice was second to none. I was able to match the colour of the bridesmaid dresses to the waistcoats and cravats etc perfectly. It was like they were made from the same material!!!! :o)ll The suits looked like they were brand new too - very much doubt that any of them had been worn :eek We were also allowed collect the suits a week early and drop them back a week later - fantastic service. What was also really handy was the shop we were dealing with opened till 9pm every night, which the lads were delighted with as it meant they could go in after work and didnt have to do it on there Saturdays. I have also heard from a friend that used them too, that if you have a groomsmen in another part of the country to where the bridal party are from that he can go into his local Debenhams and be measured there!!! Would highly recommend them! HTH
cvbgc Posts: 169
thanks fednt for that will def check them out
julybride 2010 Posts: 418
Hi, We got the mens suits from here too and they are great to deal with. They were very classy looking in the suits and the service was excellent too. Would highly reccommend them to anyone thinking of using their services. Best of luck . O-O
no2herewego Posts: 802
Interesting I never new Debenhams had a suit hire service. Has anyone used Debenhams in Cork for this? Would be interested to hear about the service and price? :thnk