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Happy wife Posts: 62
Anyone out there know of the best bank/building society to look for a loan to consolidate my debts. I need to borrow about 7000 to pay off credit card and other debts i have ran up stupidly!. I have a joint mortgage but that is at a different address and doesnt seem to show up. My debt is really starting to get on top of me so i would be really grateful of any help or any of your experiences.
chirpy07 Posts: 75
Credit union...think they all have got a bit sticky though re lending...
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
Yep with the credit crunch banks are reluctant to take on other banks debts through personal loan consolidation. You could try an equity release on your mortgage if you have sufficient equity, but I wouldn't go down this route unless you were absolutely desperate. Ring your bank and ask the mortgage advisor to go through your options for re-financing, they should be able to discuss the mortgage/unsecured options... Hope that helps.
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I did that last year with the credit union, they were so nice and helpful about it, and gave me a cheque on the day, I practically floated out of the office, the relief was so amazing.