Dec mammies - have you bought stuff yet.

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breeze Posts: 1175
I have just done the list of what we will need for the first few weeks, but im a bit weiry of buying them at the moment. I would love to go and get the buggy, cot, steriliser and a few clothes, essentials so that i have them at least and then every other week just pick up a few things IYKWIM.
primrose Posts: 291
hi breeze our baby is due in jan and i wont even let myself think about buying stuff, like you im really wary. i think we will levae it until after xmas, and then get the stuff. just think i'll probably be massive by then and in no mood for shopping!!!
daddyrchips Posts: 51
Hi Breeze, I'm due in December too, and I have absolutely no patience so we went out last week and bought the big things like the cot, dresser and wardrobe. Im one of these people who like to be prepared! I am also an optomist so hopefully everything will go to plan. I plan on getting the sterilizer, blankets ,bottles ,buggy by the end of september :-8 I am fortunate enough to get other bits n pieces off family and friends like moses basket and bouncer. Still don't know what we are having so I'll lay off the clothes shopping till November :-8 Happy Shopping!!!
newyearbabs Posts: 686
I haven't bought anything yet. But I'm always looking at stuff, prams, cots you name it. I know what I want but am not going to buy it until around 7 or 8 months. My sil is due in 5weeks and all she's bought is a few clothes I think she's cutting it a bit fine!
Mrs. Taz Posts: 1216
I haven't bought much yet. Have picked up nappies on deals/ Baby bath/baby wipes. I just figure that it is better picking bits up now rather than rushing near the end. I am lucky as well as i have cot, moses basket, car seat, baby bath and a few other bits from SIL. I know i need to look at prams, there are just so many i can't make my mind up. Time is going so fast now as well.
breeze Posts: 1175
Well i popped into smyths today and had a look at buggies and there is one there for €100 including the car seat. Ill talk to DH and see what he thinks. Id rather get the bigger things now, i have an 8 year old and dont want to be dragging him around in dec having to get all 'the baby' stuff, IYKWIM. We are having a boy but i will be buying neutral colours. My sis had a baby boy last may and she has the moses basket, stand, bouncer all other bits. I did but something today, a bag of baby wipes and they are in the drawer already and waiting :o0 :o0 :o0 Thanks for the replies ladies :thnk
Carmen Posts: 510
Hi breeze, was it the graco buggy you saw for €100? I bought that the other day and we put it together and everything. Have to say it looks great and we are very happy with it. Sure for €100 how could you go wrong? I also bought a steriliser and bouncer in TK Maxx yesterday. Have some nappies that i got with my tesco vouchers too and thats it so far. Its great actually getting started though but there will be no stopping me now!